Client Showcase: Phoebe Miller – High Media Marketing

Client Showcase: Phoebe Miller – High Media Marketing

Here at Achieve Chartered Accountants, the relationship we have with our clients is not merely formal but also one that is built on trust and loyalty, we are a family. Today we take extreme pride in showcasing yet another fabulous client – or rather family member – of ours, Phoebe Miller from High Media Marketing!

Clean up your annual spend!

Stop wasting money on Adwords.

High Media is a digital agency creating brands, campaigns and a lot of numbers. They’re both sides of the brain. Based in Auckland, NZ, High Media offers web design, web development, e-commerce, branding, digital marketing, and SEO services.

The Adwords world is an expensive bidding war often dominated by franchise companies. Win the war with SEO and be visible to your market 24/7. You can’t afford not to!

High Media is offering Achieve Biz clients a free website re-design and build with SEO services for 6 months.

Give them a call and they’ll send you a personalized keyword ranking report and analyse your current campaign to show you exactly what you.

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