It’s a Wrap – The End of 2024 Fiscal Year

It’s a Wrap – The End of 2024 Fiscal Year

Congratulations for making it through another year!

Here is a checklist of actions you can take to ensure your financial affairs are organised and you are maximising the tax opportunities.


Consistent with our value of continuous improvement, we’ve implemented several ways to improve our client experience with SuiteFiles.

From 1st April, you will find a task to review a checklist in SuiteFiles. You will receive an email notification from SuiteFiles.

The task ensures you’ve uploaded all the information we require. Once you are signed into SuiteFiles navigate to Tasks via the sidebar


There is a chat box (see below), where you can add notes and post additional questions or comments. This will keep all of our queries and your answers contained within SuiteFiles.

Once you have completed uploading to the relevant folders, click the blue “Mark as Done” button to notify us the task has been completed. Please allow us 6-8 weeks turnaround time.

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