Our Values

We empower our clients by partnering with them to achieve their vision and provide support through business advice and accounting services.

qualified accountants


We have 30+ years’ experience in the chartered accounting industry and corporate finance. This combination is powerful because that means we can offer a holistic solution to help your business grow. We are Chartered Accountants. Find out why this brand is important!


Our company culture is one that is friendly, approachable, and fun. We have a sense of humour! We also love to help. Your success is our success.


We are always on the alert for ways to improve your business. We think outside the box. If we know of anyone who can assist you with your other business needs we are happy to share our connections and knowledge. No charge! We will be your most ardent cheerleader.

Trusted Advisor

We are looking to build long-term, effective relationships with our clients. This is why we will put your interests first, not our own. We will listen to you before offering advice. We are genuinely passionate about your success.

Meet the Achieve Team



I started Achieve Chartered Accountants in year 2009 after working for 30+ years in the accounting industry. I also have experience in the corporate world as a Chief Financial Officer. I am committed to my vision for my business, which is to help small and medium businesses grow into bigger businesses. We are not your traditional accounting firm. To us you are not just a number, and we are not a factory churning out accounts and tax returns. Instead of focusing on pure compliance, we are able to offer businesses all the tools that will empower them to succeed.

My interest includes property, dancing, and helping my community.

Language: English, Malay and Cantonese.


Sheena joined Achieve in 2019. She is interested in accounting, investments, and the use of a host of technology in relation to her field. Her fun, outgoing personality is a delight in the workplace, her light personality is apparent, even while she handles highly confidential work.
Sheena enjoys traveling and loves meeting people as well as binge-watching shows!



I am outgoing, dedicated, and open-minded about learning new things. I get across to people and adjust to changes with ease.

I believe that taking risks is an ingredient in developing personal and professional skills.

Travel and more food are my best buddies during my free time.