Due to the National Latest U-Turn, the App Tax is in! Yikes.

Implementation date: April 2024


What is the APP TAX

It is a tax on digital platforms to charge GST on their services even though their total taxable supply may be below the threshold of $60k per annum.

Services using digital platforms like Uber and Airbnb will be affected.

Someone that uses a ridesharing app twice a week could be paying hundreds of dollars extra a year, and a $400 weekend away booked through a digital provider could be $60 more expensive.

Please contact us if you think your business will be affected.

Email us at info@achievebiz.co.nz.

Working for Tax Family Credit Boost

Family Tax Credit rates will increase from $136 to $144 per week after tax for the eldest child, and from $111 to $117 per week for subsequent children. The Best Start tax credit rate will rise from $69 to $73 weekly after tax.

Who gets working for families’ tax credits?

For more information, visit this website: About Working for Families (ird.govt.nz)

What is the Best Start Tax Credit?

Best Start tax credit (BSTC) is a payment to help families with the costs in a child’s first three years. For more information, visit this website.