Catalyst Microfranchising was founded by Gerard and Hana Wakefield, after living in South East Asia and seeing first-hand the daily struggles of the ultra-poor. This incredible couple could not sit back and do nothing. They had to take action! We applaud them for being proactive in bringing hope and change to many lives. Their ultimate goal is to strengthen rural communities by creating opportunities for the ultra-poor to move above the poverty line. Catalyst Microfranchising has developed a business-based solution to alleviate poverty.

Their systemised approach is different from traditional aid in that they enable self-sufficiency, and empowerment and personal growth.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We love their approach of empowering communities by teaching them business skills, challenging mind sets and all this whilst preserving their self-pride and dignity.

Catalyst is our charity of choice because, like them we believe in empowering, supporting and growing businesses.

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Tearfund is passionate about ending poverty and bringing the values of love, hope, and transformation around the world. The organisation focuses on 5 big key areas which are: protect, sponsor, restore, empower, and nourish.


  • Protect people from slavery and exploitation, and combat human trafficking
  • Sponsor human rights and the livelihood of children
  • Restore peace, recovery from natural disasters and conflict, and build resilience in vulnerable communities
  • Empower communities to make a living and provide for their family
  • Nourish by bringing basics to life including water, healthcare, and education

We donate 10% of our net profit to support this amazing work.

Tearfund has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to sponsor kids in their programme and to journey with them, watch them grow and flourish. Seeing what a bit of love and hope can accomplish. It is a privilege.

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