Business Training – The Game Changer

Business Training – The Game Changer

The Game Changer 


Calling all business strategists. Come and join the A-TEAM for an evening of fun and networking. Please RSVP before 31 October 2018

Brought to you by LIFE Business, The Icehouse and BNZ.

The Game Changer is a business owner or manager course, played as a fun game on large i-pads per table.  Table teams own and run a fictitious business over a couple financial years making key decisions along the way.  Certain real world scenarios playout that impact the businesses that participants have to anticipate, consider and respond to.  This is a fun, practical and very real way of learning key business skills with proven success across many other business forums in NZ.  Teams performance against the scenarios and a best practice business framework are scored in real time – there will be plenty of banter across tables for bragging rights!

Dates and Times:  Monday 19 November  07:00 pm – 09:30 pm in the kids Church Auditorium at LIFE Central, 95 Mt Eden Road.

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