A great option for businesses serious about growth

Are you a small to medium sized business that require the expertise of a CFO, but do not have the space or the resources? Does your business need help for a set period of time to improve performance outcomes?

Then a Contract CFO is exactly what you need.

A contract CFO gives you the expertise and knowledge that an internal CFO would possess minus the $100K+ salary, office space, and employment obligations. This way you will be able to get business and financial planning advice, have financial and KPI monitoring, receive tax guidance and have regular contact and management consulting, without the added stress of setting up a new high value employee. We can also assist you in one-off projects, training your staff and be the support your accounting staff can call on for advice on tax issues and on your accounting system.

Expertise in the following services:

  • Project work
  • System implementation
  • Staff training
  • Short term contracts
contract cfo
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