In the comeback edition of Achieve’s Client Showcase, we want to put the spotlight on the movers and shakers of Auckland’s business scene. This time, we talk to Fikaa, a growing fitness gym chain based in Auckland that operates 24/7 as they discuss how they add value to the fitness goals in the local community.

“Our headquarters is at Fikaa Gym in Manukau with almost 50 years of history helping the Manukau community in their fitness journey,” says Michael Chan, co-founder of Fikaa group, adding that the team also operates Volition in Glen Eden and Onegym in Highland Park. “Our team is passionate and professional in helping others to reach their fitness goals regardless of what level they are at,” he notes.

Fikaa brings a different approach to the fitness industry while major franchises are copying gyms at every street corner. “We believe one size does not fit all. We operate each gym under different brands with services that are localised to the community,” added Chan. As business owners, their passion is to build a community hub for the local community where people would love to mingle and enjoy a good sweat.

“Achieve Biz has helped us with all our accounting and providing very useful advice, also in connecting with other service providers,” said Michael.

Visit their website here for more info.

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Fikaa will offer 20% discount to any client of Achieve Biz, just mention this at reception of any of their three gyms in Auckland.